Learn beginning or advanced skills with these programs to help you and your business thrive.

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Product Research Simplified

Learn 7 techniques for discovering new products in depth! There is a lot of info out there! Each one is broken down step by step and students are given a chance to practice and implement each method and ask questions. While they are not “simple” they are SIMPLIFIED.

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Amazon Selling Simplified

In this Amazon Gateway course, learn how to start selling on Amazon and build a strong foundation for your business. Understand options and how to grow over time.

Amazon Consultants

Amazon Bundles Intro

This program on Udemy is a great intro to selling bundles of products on Amazon. 


Some Feedback

Marie Hope

Cordelia it was great! You really are an educator... So much better than everything else out there, everything was clear and in perfect order. I am already busy doing research for my homework!


Wendy Siegel

Integrity, Intelligence, ethical and helpful.


Matt H

I made my money back within a couple weeks..Cordelia is logical, and a few of her tips have saved me hundreds...

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