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Cordelia has worked in e-commerce since 2011. Previous to that she was in technology as a manager, developer and software trainer. She has successfully launched over 100 products on Amazon.com. She is proud to be a partner in the Amazon consulting and strategy company, Koala Commerce. They work with businesses to succeed at selling their products on Amazon. They also train and coach sellers and provide strategic Amazon consulting.

She has spoken at conferences and taught classes on how to develop products and sell on Amazon effectively. She has spoken at eComChicago, The Harvard Business Club of Atlanta, The Edge Connection of GA, and more as well as online. Check out some of her videos on her YouTube channel.

A Philadelphia native who happily transplanted with her family to Atlanta, Cordelia is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College. She resides with her husband, 2 sons, black lab, and 2 cats in Atlanta, GA.

Guest Appearances... 

The Decision Vision Podcast

Cordelia discusses the pros and cons of selling your products on Amazon for businesses in this podcast interview, Should I Sell On Amazon?

North Fulton Radio X

On North Fulton Business Radio, Cordelia discusses the mistakes and successes of brands selling on Amazon. Understanding the unwritten rules is as important as the documented ones!

Online Moneymaker Academy

Cordelia discusses How To Validate the Profitability of Your Next Big Idea in the video interview. She covers how to predict ROI and understand the competitive landscape.


Marie Hope

Cordelia always does the best webinars, she is a true educator, they are well researched, organized and presented.

Ian Lurie

Cordelia is a sharp marketer who knows Amazon from top to bottom.

Wendy Siegel

Integrity, Intelligence, ethical and helpful.

Matt H

Cordelia is logical, and a few of her tips have saved me hundreds...

Robert D

Very informative and easy to understand.

Fernando Sustaita

There is no person more knowledgeable on E-Commerce than Cordelia Blake.