Product Research Simplified

5 Weeks of specific, SIMPLIFIED strategies to discover exciting and profitable new products to sell on Amazon and beyond. 


In this online course you will learn...

How to implement 7 techniques for discovering new products in depth! Each one is broken down step by step and students are given a chance to practice and implement each method and ask questions. While they are not “simple” they are SIMPLIFIED.

I developed this course because I hear the question, how do I find new products to sell that are profitable and can be uniquely mine? This course if for you if:

  • You don’t have thousands of dollars to burn just learning from one product
  • You are already an experienced Amazon seller and you want to expand into Brand Registry
  • You dream of creating a line of products that are true business assets or expand the ones you already have
  • You want to understand HOW to find new products so that you have a large number of projects to choose from
  • You want to choose to source in a way that works for your budget, life, and values

You can create private label products, find wholesale items, create bundles or design print on demand items using the methods you will learn and MASTER.

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Student Feedback

Kat Miner

Thank you so much Cordelia, You are amazing

Marie Hope

Cordelia always does the best webinars, she is a true educator, they are well researched, organized and presented.

Wendy Siegel

Wow, its like you made the course just for me!

Dan Farrantelli

[It] exceeded my expectations... designed to give you a small network of like-minded sellers... who can get you started and then let you learn by doing while bouncing ideas off them and troubleshooting...along the way. I know people who pay thousands of dollars [for] groups that are less helpful...

Kim Damrow

I’m really happy that you have put this class together. So important to think “differently” during these times. Looking forward to learning new approaches and to push myself to explore new ideas.

Robert D

I just finished going through the course and it was very informative and easy to understand.


Thank you for this course.

Stefanie G

Great class can't wait to implement it!

Matt H

I made my money back within a couple weeks of the session..Cordelia is logical, and a few of her tips have saved me hundreds by now.

5 Weeks Of LIVE Sessions

We meet weekly to learn each new method in depth. Students will practice for homework and bring questions to the next session. There is also a private Facebook Group for the course to address challenges and issues as they arise.

Class begins on April 20th, 2020. 

Course is $197 and includes all live sessions, replays, printable resources, and interactive course facebook group.

This course is half off for Scanner Society members.

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Learn how to use Etsy for new product research. By the way, this is not EVERYTHING that you'll learn about Etsy in the course but just scratching the surface...


Now I'm READY!

I want to LEARN, PRACTICE and IMPLEMENT new strategies to build up my product and grow my business!

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