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Who Is Cordelia Blake?

Entrepreneur, educator, public speaker, coach, and consultant.

An expert on Amazon selling success by brands and individuals.


Amazon coaching, consulting and strategy through Koala Commerce



Courses and training to help develop Amazon skills.



Join public and premium groups to create synergies with other sellers.


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Amazon Listing Optimization 2021

How you can write the most effective listings for your Amazon products in 2021 and create the most sales.

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What People Are Saying

Our students and client success speaks volumes.

"Cordelia always does the best webinars, she is a true educator, they are well researched, organized and presented." 

Marie Hope

Amazon Seller

"Their incredible blend of insight and technical know how helped me make my product listing shine, as well as meet Amazon's stringent requirements." 

Rachel Rosenkoetter

Artist & Product Creator

"Cordelia is a sharp marketer who knows Amazon from top to bottom.

Ian Lurie

SEO Professional

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