Beyond Followers - Why Creating Video and Content Increases Impact

Cordelia Blake

2/4/20231 min read

Having social media followers is not the key to success as an executive or salesperson, but using social and video as tools to help build and maintain relationships is can be very powerful.

Video and social media following are not about just increasing some kind of numeric metric but helping you increase your ability to connect with people.

Video helps you:

  • Communicate effectively

  • Connect with people in a personal way

  • Create educational content that teaches

  • Establish yourself as an authority in your fieldShare stories that inspire

  • Showcase a different side of yourself to existing connections

  • Amplify your unique voice.

Videos are a powerful tool for building relationships, as they allow you to present yourself in a more personal and engaging way. Video has become an essential part of marketing strategies today, as it facilitates businesses and professionals creating meaningful relationships with their customers and community. It can help make a lasting impression.

Follower count is a one dimensional way to measure impact. Use social media, such as LinkedIn and YouTube to provide value and as one more tool in your repertoire as to increase your impact.