How To Name Videos On Youtube

2 Tips

Cordelia Blake

7/19/20221 min read

I want to give you two quick tips for how to name your videos to be found better on search and by people (help them know that your content is for them.)

One tip is to talk and listen to your customers and clients and the questions that they ask. Use whatever they say, those exact words, as your video titles. Our tendency, I think, as consultants, is to pretty up the language or make it seem a little more technical or professional sounding. But the more everyday language and words that are in your title, the better conversion you're going to get because that's how people type into Google and that's how people think. So number one is to get the exact wording from your clients.

Number two is to use some kind of software to help you tweak the title to optimize it for search. Once you have a general idea of the topic, you can put those words into a tool like Tube Buddy, which is fantastic. It gives you different suggestions and then you can see how they score in terms of seo and you do a human check to assure that they sound good and are relevant. It will still be you basic topic, but it's optimized to be found in search.

So I am going to do an actual demonstration of that in another post and I'll link to that once it’s done.

Just know that you always want to be solving a problem or answering a question and put that problem and put that question in the title.

Here is a bonus tip: The name that is in the title field and the words on the thumbnail, the picture, don't have to be the exact same words. Obviously you want them to be related, but you can use a more concise or search friendly wording in the title itself and then you can elaborate a little bit on the thumbnail if you want, or tweak the wording a little to catch people's eyes.Click here to see more on this in this video on YouTube.