Overcoming the terror of recording videos

You Got This!

Cordelia Blake

7/14/20221 min read

I have been successfully broadcasting on Youtube, Facebook Live, Zoom and LinkedIn for years. I’ve taught classes, interviewed successful people, and read from teleprompter. I love making videos. I’ve had great feedback, survived bad feedback and now I’m changing fields. I’m launching a new business, a new field of expertise and starting over.

  • I am scared. Jittery.

  • Do I have the right topic?

  • Should I tell everyone that I’m doing another “thing”

  • What if my videos are bad?

  • What if I don’t have the right sales funnel?

  • What if I look dumb?

  • Does anyone want to hear what I have to say?

  • Is my content valuable?Is this a waste of my time?

Do these fears sound familiar? Do you ever have those?I keep reminding myself that fear is the word we use to describe the feeling that we called excitement when we were kids.

I know I will over come this and launch but I did want to share. I too feel stage fright and fear about recording videos.