Why you are not getting clients from your videos

5 Issues You Can Overcome

Cordelia Blake

8/8/20221 min read

1. Your videos are too instructional. You're spending a lot of time teaching people stuff and that's not necessarily what they need.They need to understand that you're the expert and then they'll hire you.

2. Your videos are too broad. Make videos to appeal to a specific client instead of making them about the whole world. You want to do something that's going to appeal specifically to your customer,

3. Your videos are too disconnected. What does that mean? You don't connect what your video is about with the problem that your customer has. You figure out the connection, but you don't explain it to them. So for example, if you saw somebody locked outside of their house for the third time, you might think they need some help with how to not lose their keys. But if you tell them that while they are standing out in the rain, it’s not going to be well received. You have to help them where they're at and help them see the connection between that problem and your solution.

4. Your videos are too long. I see lots of videos that are around an hour long. Make them shorter. Make a series of videos. Keep them very topical and focused.

5. Your videos are too boring. The videos are rambling on about your weekend or maybe you're talking about your life or maybe you're talking about your hobby. Not what is relevant in the video, what the topic of the video is. Make sure that you stay on topic, that you're dynamic, and your content is interesting.

Bonus Tip: It’s too hard for them to get help from you. Clearly connect your content with how you help people. Even consider offering the same service with different types of wording to accommodate different customer issues. Biology, chemistry, 6th grade science and Accelerated science for gifted 5th graders might be the same thing but by restating them, you can clearly connect the customer you’ve attracted with your content to the product that they want.

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